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Vegetable Pot - How to Design?

Date Added: March 14, 2012 07:28:08 PM
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Vegetable growing is an interesting task to do and it can bring out a great farmer in you. Even if you do not have in any experience in gardening and farming, you can still spend sometime growing various fruits and vegetables and for that all you require is a large size container, good soil to be kept in pots and a good spot where enough sunlight can reach the pot and the plant.  Growing plants in the pots can help you to solve the problems of pests and soil borne diseases along with the poor drained conditions of the soil as well.


Great potting mediums should be considered and you must use the most effective and good quality peat moss.  You may also use them with the combination with the fertilizers like those having alfalfa meal and other various natural nutrients so that they can nourish the plant for at least six months. You can add soil polymers while watering the pots by the help of your hands so that the wet- dry cycle of the plant can be improved.  Use soil that can be dried out so that the plant can absorb more water.


Making use of an organic fertilizer is f complete importance and you must also augment its activity by supplementing it with fish emulsions and other dry and organic fertilizers.  Use of fish emulsions is necessary if you are making the use of controlled reels fertilizers for feeding purposes of your plant.  Watering can is done best by drip irrigation methods through automatic controllers.  By the help of these controllers you can water your plants often and keep your soil moist in hot climates and on the daily basis as well.


Pests such as aphids, mites and whiteflies may attack your plants and crops so you must spray your pots and plants pesticide and insecticidal soaps. Horticulture oils re also very significant for the purpose.  At the end pick and harvest the crops when they are completely ripped and ready. Harvest beans before seeds could swell up inside the pods, harvest cucumbers and other fruits when you find them totally expanded but not seedy at all.  Pick the eggplant when the skin of it is glossy and shiny,  peppers can be of various colors like green, yellow and red thus it is better to harvest them when thy are fully grown and showing proper colors.